About Us

1What is Aurelia Pay?
Aurelia Pay is a leading cross border payment service in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Greater China. We provide a money transfer platform for licenced money transfer remittance businesses.
2Where is Aurelia Pay based?
We have operation teams based in Greater China. Hong Kong and Malaysia.
3What do we do?
Aurelia Pay provides remittance payments solution to overseas more efficiently at a cheaper rate to boost your businesses performance.
4How secure are my payments?
Aurelia Pay is licensed as a Money Services Operator (MSO) in Hong Kong.
5How much does it cost to use Aurelia Pay?
It's totally free to sign up an account at Aurelia Pay. We are offering competitive and transparent FX rate following mid-market/real time exchange rate. No hidden fees.

General Question

1What type of bank account transfer that Aurelia Pay is supporting to CNY recipient?
Aurelia Pay supports all bank transfers to CNY recipient, either individual/corporate, foreigners or Chinese ID card holder who has CNY bank account in China.
2Can Aurelia Pay help to pay China vendor to their Alipay/Wechat?
Yes, we can assist you to pay China vendor to their Alipay/Wechat.
3How is Aurelia Pay process when customer wants to send money to recipient?
Customer must sign up an account in Aurelia Pay. Once their account is verified, they can start using our service and send us the fund (deposit) before placing an order transfer/top up. HKD/HK-USD transfer must be from registered customer’s bank account or HK recognized third party payment provider, such as Currenxie, Neat, and Payoneer (except Stripe and Transferwise – will update).
4Does customer need to have a local HK bank account to transfer to Aurelia Pay?
At this point, yes. Aurelia Pay understand that many HK company (mainly SME, start up or foreign owned) cannot get a HK bank account. Therefore, we allow flexibility like Currenxie, Neat, Payoneer, and more other HK licensed payment company to send us fund. We may have a custom solution for this soon.
5Can Aurelia Pay’s HK bank account receive fund via wire transfer from overseas to pay recipient in Mainland China (USD/CNY)?
We only receive fund from source within HK and will pay CNY to recipient in Mainland China.
6Does Aurelia Pay offer a solution for those who do not have a HK bank account to pay supplier in China?
At this stage, we support only individual and HK company with HK bank account. Currenxie/Neat/Payoneer is one of the solutions to send fund to Aurelia Pay if customer does not own a HK bank account.
7What is the reason Aurelia Pay cannot be funded from outside HK?
It is because of compliance and operation risk. The best option for customer now is: Currenxie/Neat/Payoneer > Aurelia Pay > send fund to China and South East Asia.
8Can HK company without HK bank account use third party collection provider (Currenxie/Neat/Payoneer) to send money to Aurelia Pay?
Yes, customer can sign up a company account in Currenxie/Neat/Payoneer to accept fund and withdraw to Aurelia.
9Can non-HK company use Currenxie/Neat/Payoneer to send money to Aurelia Pay?
Unfortunately, no, due to compliance reason. We are looking a work around to support non-HK company as it is a huge market to serve. We will update once it is available.
10Can Aurelia Pay accept non-HK company which has HKD bank account?
No. If you are going to sign up a corporate account in Aurelia Pay, you require to have a HK company with local HK bank account (including Currenxie/Neat/Payoneer). We will make announcement once we are ready to accept non-HK company.
11I need Mr. A to receive exactly RMB 100,000, how much HKD / HKUSD I need to send to Aurelia Pay?
You can use our Currency Converter located at Aurelia Pay's homepage to estimate FX rate and the amount you need to send.
12How frequent is your FX rate updated?
Our FX rate is proprietary and update every 5 minutes based on mid market rate. We do not follow HK bank rates.